Saturday, August 31, 2013

Focus on Learning

The doors have opened, the students have arrived and the t****** begins. The T in this case is either teaching or testing. Here in Texas most teach towards the test, teach for the test or even teach to the test.
The two T words are becoming interchangeable. It is a fact that all students will take the state mandated tests in the spring and every student, teacher, school , administrator and district will then be judged on the test results. If you represent a school that has not met the standards a sense of urgency overshadows all that you do. This tense energy churns and gnaws, seeking resolution through swift and immediate action. 
The act of of pouring your energy and efforts into many activities can become dangerously wasteful. Our efforts must not be aimless but highly focused. If we expend energy into an action it should be a a high yielding action. Our aim should not be focused on testing, teaching, time nor data but on learning. Everything else is a by product or a tool. “The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.” The educational tools we use are important but they are the fingers that point to learning. Our highest priority and focus should be on actions that support, increase and nurture learning. ( 

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