Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello World, I'm Awake

Imagine a set of Dominoes arranged in a row tumbling one after the other. If you are in this line, you hear the clicking sounds, you know what's going to happen and you can only wait to fall. Now imagine this scenario played in reverse and the clicking sounds become exciting as you are surprisingly lifted upward and as you are lifted you find that you are lifting someone else. This is the effect I have felt with Twitter this summer. I have grown leaps and bounds and have re-awakened my digital self. I have been whole heartedly engaged by conversations, suggestions and ideas. Witnessing so many people doing so many exciting things it's hard not to get swept away in this awesome digital tsunami.  So many thoughts, ideas and blogs. It seems that everyone is blogging. I began replacing the word Blog with Blah as I heard Blah, Blah, Blah all day long. I wondered "What in the Hell are these people Blogging about?". So I started reading them and was amazed with how many people had so many fresh and new insights on so many topics. Inspired, I decided to create a video podcast and shared this idea with @mguhlin who of course replied, "I hope you'll share your process in a blog entry".  WHAT? I just said I was making a video so why would I write about this in a blog?. Whatever @mguhlin. Yes its a smart aleck quip but he just tugged at a loose thread that was beginning to unravel and I didn't want to lose my shirt.
This morning I awoke, checked the Twitter feed and there was @RafranzDavis with her Blog entry on How-to-Be-Awesome like Beyonce. (Warning a little Beyonce can take you far but too much and you may cross the Egomaniac borderline:), being Beyonce is not for everyone, just saying) Rafranz was inspired by a Nelson Mandela quote shared by @8Amber8 who may or may not have blogged this. However, on the way to reading about being Awesome I saw a picture of a porch which instantly transported me to my childhood and like a child being lifted up by a protective grandparent I was lifted up from slumber to remember that we write, we share we exist to help others. Thank you Twitter friends, I admire and appreciate you all !


  1. Oh Mr. Brown, you can never get too much Beyonce! Well, you can't get too much if you understand that your place in this world is really to serve others with your gifts and also in praising theirs. I LOVED your post and not because somehow you found mine but because it reminded me of the power of our lives are so intertwined with the commonalities that we share and the dreams that we all have. Thank you for this and for sharing with us all! You are Awesome, my friend!

  2. I LOVE this! Good for you, :) and of course I blogged about it, ;)

    Cant wait to watch your vodcasts and kudos to you for JUMPing in!!!

    Amber (@8amber8)